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Rembrandt van Rijn

One of the most renowned artists of the Dutch Golden Age, Rembrandt van Rijn is today known for his remarkable paintings of a variety of subject matter, as well as being acknowledged as one of the most significant contributors to the evolution of printmaking. His developments and style served as influences on artists during his lifetime as well as being a lasting cornerstone to contemporary artists working today. Born on 15 July 1606 in Leiden, Rembrandt, the son of a mill owner, began studying at University of Leiden at the age of 14. He abandoned his studies a few months later however, in favour of an apprenticeship with a local painter. In 1624 Rembrandt studied briefly with Pieter Lastman in Amsterdam, where he eventually settled in 1631. He lodged in the house of an art dealer called Hendrick van Uylenburgh, and while there, met his landlord's young cousin Saskia. They were married in 1634. Rembrandt prospered during this time, painting mythological and religious works as well as portraits, and the couple lived well. After the birth of their fourth child in 1641, Saskia became unwell. She died in 1642, which coincided with difficulties in Rembrandts business. This, coupled with his extravagant lifestyle, resulted in him being declared bankrupt in 1656. His house and possessions were sold, including his own large collection of plates and works of art. He died on the 4th of October 1669.


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