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Goya - 33. Al Conde Palatino

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33. Al Conde Palatino

Date: 1799

Medium: Etching, burnished aquatint, burin and drypoint

Size: 150 x 215 mm

Condition: Good

Al Conde Palatino (To the Count Palatine or Count of the Palate)
Original etching, burnished aquatint, burin and drypoint on paper from the first edition of 'Los Caprichos'.

Goya's commentary:
In all sciences there are quacks who know everything without having studied a word and have a remedy for everything. You should not trust a word they say. The really wise man is always wary of making predictions: he promises little and accomplishes a lot: but the Count Palatine accomplishes nothing of what he promises.

Ref: Harris 68

Price: £7,500

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