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Choosing the right frame for your artwork can be difficult; these photos and descriptions should make that decision easier.
January 4, 2021

Frame Types



Black stained oak frame

This is a hand stained wood finish with a beautiful grain to it. This is a simple, lovely frame that would work well with most of the artworks tht we sell.

Artists: Malcolm Franklin.




Brown stained oak frame

This is a variation on the hand stained frame.

Artists: Norman Ackroyd


* A note on the stained oak frames. There are two sizes for these frames: thinner (12 x 20 mm) and thicker (15 x 30 mm) . Above is an image where the depths of these two stained oaks are compared.



Natural waxed oak frame

This is a variation on the hand stained frame.

Artists: John Tenniel






Charcoal tray frame

This frame does not have glass covering the artwork. It works well for pieces on board.

Artists: Susie Stone (paintings), Ross Loveday (small board one-off works)





Charcoal rub frame

Similar in tone to the above tray frame, this is a more classic frame type. It includes beveled edges and a slight distressed detail on the corners of the beveling.

Artists: Jason Hicklin, Sophie Layton





Aluminium frame

This thin, sleek frame can only be used for artworks with dimensions of 500 x 500 mm or smaller. 

Artists: Nigel Swift


Black red wedge frame

This is a black painted finish frame with a crimson undertone. Its dimensions are 20 x 20 mm.

Artists: Gail Brodholt



Black cube frame

This is a pre-painted satin finish frame, with no visible wood grains. It's perfect for more graphic, colourful works like the linocuts of Gail Brodholt and Paul Catherall. It is also available in white.

Artists: Gail Brodholt, Paul Catherall



Pre-stained black wood frame

This is the frame that is used with almost every Anita Klein artwork. The dimensions of this frame are 20 x 30 mm.

Artists: Anita Klein



Poster frame

This frame is a pre-painted satin finish that is not as deep as the black cube frame, ideal for brightly-coloured lithographs like those that were produced for mid-century publications like Derrière le Miroir and Verve.

Artists: Henri Matisse, all Derrière le Miroir artists



White drag frame

This is a painted white textured pine frame. This can be made in black as well. 

Artists: Susie Stone (silkscreens)


Mount Types



Window mount

This is the most popular type of mount. A 'window' is cut out of mount board and placed on top of the artwork, covering the very edge of the paper. The mount board sits between the glass and the artwork, ensuring that they do not touch each other.


Float mount

This mount has no window. Instead, the artowrk is hinged to the backboard and all of the edges of the paper are visible. As there's no window mount to sit between the artwork and the glass, we will add a spacer to sit under the lip of the frame to stop it from touching the artwork. This mount cannot be offered with poster frames, aluminium frames, or the thinner (12x20) stained oak frames.


Float window mount

This is very similar to a window mount, except that the mount does not cover the edges of hte artwork. This is because there is a small 'float' (gap) between the edge of the artwork and the mount. The artwork is hinged to the backboard.

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