Ardyn Halter | Sea Diaries

30 July - 6 August 2022

Works available to view at Eames Fine Art Studio from 30th July to 6th August


“Whenever possible I take a dawn swim in the sea, year-round.


During the Covid lockdown periods, when travel from home was forbidden out here in Israel, the pre-dawn into dawn swims felt to me like an expression of rebellion against the limitations of Covid, and a much-needed affirmation of life. It was a daily contact with something very real, with living water. You might call it a watery grounding, I found myself thinking about the swim more than usual, seeing it differently from in pre-Covid times.


At that time, I was conducting a dialogue with the writer Sarah Butler about this same subject. I had been paired (randomly) with Sarah through an Eames Fine Art's project: A Common Place. Our chosen common place was water and our shared love of swimming outdoors in rivers and seas. She was writing about it and I was painting it; we shared our thoughts on email.