Jason Hicklin | Pembrokeshire

16 - 30 April 2020

In 2019, Jason Hicklin made a journey around the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales - from St David’s to the remote Smalls Lighthouse, twenty-six miles from the mainland. From his sketches made on this trip he has created a beautiful series of 14 etchings. We had planned an exhibition of these works in the Eames Fine Art Print Room this month, but since we can't hold the physical preview at the gallery, we've decided to exhibit them and offer them for sale online instead. Jason thought it would be a lovely idea to launch these works now, "Just to remind people that the ocean is still there, the islands are still there, bird life and sea life is all still going on". 


As well as the works themselves, Jason has made a wonderful, detailed film from his etching studio, about how each print is carefully constructed from sketchbook to etching plate. In the film (below) you will get a rare insight into Jason’s working process and studio. Follow Jason as he etches, inks and prints these delicate works - a fascinating demonstration for both collectors and printmakers.


These etchings, which are a celebration of the enduring landscape of the British coast and  a reminder of the vast wealth of nature which is thriving and waiting for us, are for sale now. Jason has limited the edition to just 10 of each etching. We are able to mail out unframed works to you or get the prints framed and delivered to you quickly. 


We hope you'll enjoy the film and Jason's new works.