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On the Shoulders of Giants: Rembrandt | Goya | Picasso

Pablo Picasso -


04 October - 05 November 2017

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Eames Fine Art Gallery
58 Bermondsey Street

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Rembrandt, Goya and Picasso were arguably the three greatest and certainly the most innovative etchers in history. Etching was never considered a sideline to painting for these great artists; they each used the medium to produce some of their finest and most famous works. Etching allowed them to master new effects in tone, chiaroscuro and texture and was often the catalyst for new, daring compositions. Their expert handling of traditional materials in unconventional ways produced wonderful iconic artworks and the work of all three masters represents a baton of succession of the finest work in the etching medium. Eames Fine Art are thrilled to present a comprehensive collection of works by all three in one show. This exhibition is a must for any serious collector of original prints, and connoisseurs of great art.

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