58 Bermondsey Street

London SE1 3UD

0207 407 1025

Opening Times

Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm

Sunday 11am - 5pm

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54 - 58 Tanner Street

(Entrance on Pope Street)

London SE1 3PH

0207 407 6561

Opening Times

Saturday 11am - 6pm and weekdays by appointment

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    Founders of Eames Fine Art, Rebecca and Vincent Eames, are both qualified art historians and share a real passion for 20th and 21st century art. They met studying History of Art at UCL and went on to gain extensive experience in the London art and design market before setting up their own business as private art dealers in 2004. Originally the business was named The Fine Art Partnership, but in 2013 this was incorporated by Eames Fine Art to coincide with the opening of the new gallery on Bermondsey Street in central London.


    Specialising in the work of established masters of Modern and contemporary art, we deal mainly in original works of art on paper; particularly original etchings, lithographs and drawings. We source works from collections worldwide to provide collectors and first time buyers with a varied portfolio of original works. We don't only offer clients pictures which we own or have in our current collection, but we are also happy to source and research particular works or artists which our clients are interested in on their behalf.

    We offer our clients a very personal service since we recognise that the works of art which we're recommending will also be a very special addition to their homes and lives for many years. 
    We are happy to work on a one-off sale basis of course, but where possilble and desired, we always like it if we have the opportunity to get to know our clients better to develop a good relationship and to understand their style, home, tastes and budgets so that we can keep an eye open for works which we think that will interest them or will work particularly well amongst their collection and in their home. 

    We regularly host private exhibitions throughout the country for our clients and their friends. We hire different venues to host special evenings where we can display a new collection of work by a major artist or group of artists to our private clients so that they can see these works before we display them publicly. We also like to occasionally bring the work of a new contemporary artist who we believe is particularly talented, to introduce to our clients. These private viewings are held in conjunction with the art fairs we attend. We enjoy participating at fairs to meet both long time collectors and first time buyers, but we believe that the best way to buy new art is to see it first in your own home so that you can tell if the work fits in the right space and has the right feel for you. This is often the best part of our work; when we find the perfect work of art for a someone's home.