At Eames Fine Art we are working on many exciting projects and films and online groups which we hope you’ll enjoy and engage with - we have a wonderful community of art lovers linked to the gallery and we fully plan to keep this community vibrant and thriving while our galleries must remain closed. We’ll provide talks, discussion groups, special exhibitions and videos all online.


We don't believe in social distancing - physical distancing maybe, but this doesn't mean that we can't still share ideas and pictures and ideas online. We hope you enjoy the stories and films we'll be posting on our blog here - we would love you to comment on the artwork and videos we upload and create an exciting online community!

  • The Art We Hang at Home

    A glimpse at the artworks staff from Eames Fine Art have chosen for their walls at home.
    by Rebecca Eames
    The Art We Hang at Home

    We're all having to spend a lot more time in our own homes at the moment and this gives us better chance to enjoy the spaces we have made for ourselves and to spend time with the artworks we have collected. 

    How a collector collects; how they make a selection of which works to invest in and which to hang on their walls to enjoy every day is something that always intrigues us at Eames.  We're firm believers that a personal collection of art - whether you have several homes, or a single room to work within, is a highly creative process; our collections tell stories about us and act as great insights into the way we think, the way we love and the way we live. 

  • Anita Klein on Motherhood

    Watch Anita Klein's fantastic talk
    11am by Anita Klein
    11am by Anita Klein

    For Mother's Day, Anita Klein and Eames Fine Art decided to create a video tour of her beautiful Exhibition at Lauderdale House. We hope you enjoy this wonderful talk from Anita in which she discusses the imporance of being a Mother, Grandmother and Artist.



  • Welcome to our online community!

    Well, we miss you already. But we would love to stay in touch with all of the amazing people who have walked through our doors. So we have decided to create a blog where we can share ideas and stories about art. We hope you'll get involved and share your ideas and pictures too!