The Art of Preservation

Why Conservation Framing is Crucial for Your Artwork
November 18, 2023
The Art of Preservation

What is Conservation Framing?

Conservation framing is a specialised framing technique designed to protect and preserve artwork from environmental elements and deterioration. It involves using materials and methods that ensure the long-term safety and integrity of the framed work. Have a look here for more detailed information on conservation framing.

The Pillars of Conservation Framing

●      UV Glazing: The Invisible Shield

●      UV rays can fade and damage artwork over time. UV glazing involves using glass or acrylic that filters out harmful UV rays, ensuring your artwork remains unfaded and vibrant. SE1 Picture Frames use a range of UV glazing products that offer the best protection against light-induced ageing.

●      Conservation Matting: More Than Just Aesthetic

●      Conservation matting is not just about adding a visual border. It's about using acid-free mats that prevent yellowing and deterioration of the artwork. Our bespoke matting options provide a buffer against humidity and pollutants, ensuring the artwork remains untouched by external factors.

●      Bespoke Handmade Frames: Tailored to Perfection

●      Every piece of art is unique, and so should be its frame. Bespoke handmade frames from SE1 Picture Frames are crafted to complement and enhance your artwork, ensuring that the frame itself is a work of art. Customised to suit the specific needs of your piece, these frames provide robust physical support and aesthetic harmony.

Why Invest in Conservation Framing?

●      Longevity of Art

●      Conservation framing significantly extends the life of your artwork. By safeguarding against environmental hazards, these techniques ensure that your art can be enjoyed for generations.

●      Maintaining Value

●      For collectors and art enthusiasts, maintaining the value of artwork is paramount. Conservation framing is an investment in maintaining and potentially enhancing the value of your collection.

●      Aesthetic Integrity

●      Beyond protection, conservation framing enhances the visual appeal of your artwork, ensuring that it is displayed in its best possible form.

●      The approach to conservation framing at SE1 Picture Frames is rooted in a deep understanding of art preservation. With a range of options from UV glazing to bespoke frames, they tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of artwork. We trust them to provide framing that does more than just display; it preserves.


In the world of art, conservation framing is an essential practice that goes beyond mere display. It's about protecting, preserving, and presenting artwork in a way that respects its integrity and value. SE1 Picture Frames are committed to providing the best in conservation framing, ensuring that your artwork is not just seen but truly preserved.



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