Anita Klein on Motherhood

Watch Anita Klein's fantastic talk
March 23, 2020
11am by Anita Klein
11am by Anita Klein



There is a beautiful exhibition of paintings and original prints by Anita Klein at Lauderdale House in North London, at the moment - but sadly the gallery, like so many others has had to shut it’s doors now.  We had planned a very special Mother’s Day treat at the show today as Anita was due to give a talk all about Motherhood: how she has combined the roles of Mother, Grandmother and artist and how she depicts so beautifully the joys of Motherhood in her art. 

This talk had so many people signed up to attend and looked to be one of our most popular talks yet. I’m sure we’ll be able to repeat the talk at another event in the future, but for now we have a taster of the talk online for you. Just in time, Anita was able to pop up to the show with Tom from Eames Fine Art and film a short version of the talk and a tour of the show.

You can also see large images of all the works in the exhibition on our site HERE. And as a special Mother’s Day promotion - if you purchase any of the paintings today we are offering a 10% discount on the paintings and also offering free delivery (within the UK). If you would like to reserve any of the paintings and perhaps arrange a private viewing of the works this can still be arranged - please email us or call us on 0207 407 6561. 

We really hope that you’ll enjoy the film and perhaps forward it to any other Mothers you know who are in isolation at the moment - there is so little we can do to spread joy today when we’re unable to meet up, but this is a lovely film to be able to send people. Anita’s small prints start at just £96 so if you’d like to make a Mother’s Day gift of one of Anita’s small works we can also sell you Gift Vouchers or post out works next week. You can see a full selection of smaller prints HERE. From either website you can also see the full collection of larger prints and other paintings by Anita available. 

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