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James Gillray | Political Ravishment

James Gillray -


06 - 31 March 2019

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Eames Fine Art Gallery
58 Bermondsey Street

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Gillray, 'The Father of the Political Cartoon' is one of the most important cartoonists ever to have worked in the UK. He was witty, scathing and not afraid to mock anyone from any social class, politicians, or even royalty. His original engravings were also expertly and beautifully made and it is the combination of the quick wit alongside his artistic talent which led him to fame and has maintained his name amongst England's greatest artists since his death in 1815.
Eames Fine Art have a wonderful selection of these hand coloured engravings by Gillray in excellent condition and at very tempting prices. Gillray's work was made over two centuries ago and yet their themes and messages remain relevant today.

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