Sophie Layton : An introduction to Mokuhanga printmaking

11am - 6pm
Gallery Director Vincent Eames will host a talk by Sophie in the gallery at 3pm on Saturday 1st June. You are welcome to join us to hear Sophie talk about her beautiful new exhibition 'Refracting Light'.  The talk will cover: Sophie's artist residencies in Japan where she was taught the Mokuhanga printmaking technique by Japanese master printmakers, discovering Ikebana flower arranging, and how her fiancé Tim Rawlinson's glass-art has become the muse for much of the work in this show.
Throughout the rest of the day Sophie will be in the gallery demonstrating the print techniques used for the work in this show. Customers visiting the gallery are welcome and encouraged to have a go themselves at making a Japanese print. Sophie will guide and assist anyone interested trying their hand in the art.