The prices of Paul's work have remained solid and not risen for over four years now, they've remained the same despite the popularity of his work with many editions selling out and the fact that he's had three major solo exhibitions in London and has been included in the Royal Academy Summer exhibition twice in this period. His work is long-overdue a price rise to reflect his success, and next month his prices will indeed be going up by roughly 20%.

The new prices will take effect on the week of the 8th July, but we have a special event for you to come and see Paul's linocuts at our studio before then - so if you're considering a work of his this is a great opportunity to come and buy one at the existing, lower price. 

As well as current popular editions we have an interesting collection of rare trial proofs and the odd Artist's Proof aside from what is otherwise a long-ago sold out edition, so it's worth coming along to find these unique and special works - again still at low prices until the rise next week. 

We hope you'll join us and Paul on Wednesday evening for a glass of wine, a bite to eat and the chance to pick up one or two of Paul's iconic works before the prices go up to the public.