Gail Brodholt - Collectors' Evening

'Poetry, Prose and Prints' will open in February next year, and we're really excited to be working closely with Gail in preparation for the show now.


The exhibition will coincide with a prestigious project Gail has been working on with London Transport - she was commissioned to produce prints for two posters to support their initiative Hidden London, which aims to open up the secrets of disused parts of the London Underground network. Gail was asked to feature two stations: The Strand/Aldwych station and Highgate High Level station. Both of these striking posters will be displayed throughout London stations early next year, but we'll be previewing the original linocuts made for the posters at a special collectors' evening next week.


Gail will be at our studio to reveal these beautiful new works and to discuss the project with us. We'll also be showing a short film made about the project which gives more information about how these intricate linocuts were made. Gail has also kindly agreed to bring in her sketches and stage proofs for us to see alongside the finished works.  


Gail's prices have not been raised for a long time and her linocuts are extremely good value for money - particularly when you consider how much work goes into making each one, and indeed how quickly many of her editions sell out. The prices of her linocuts will  be going up next month, but we will have a great selection of Gail's older and current works on display during this collectors' event, so if you've been tempted by any of her works but haven't made the made the plunge yet, now might be the time to do it and save yourself some money, rather than waiting for her prices to go up in a couple of weeks.