Paul Catherall | Brutalism Modernism

Eames Fine Art, 2017
Soft cover exhibition catalogue

Publisher: Eames Fine Art.

Dimensions: 210 x 210 mm

Pages: 32

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Introductory Essay


My career began in the erstwhile Publicity Department of London Transport in the early 1970s and thanks to the influence of Hans Unger’s Waterside London poster then just commissioned, I began to appreciate the power and excitement of beautifully considered and crafted images. The vicissitudes of LT’s commissioning policy saw no more glorious images on London’s Underground until the late 1980s.


In 1998 the job of commissioning poster art was finally mine. Occasionally the post would introduce me to the talents of new artists and, electrified by a flier for Paul’s work being shown at the Clapham Art Gallery, I had the great pleasure of an introduction to the artist and his work.


The rest is history. Transport for London has commissioned and displayed many works by Paul and his first for us, Tate Modern, is a reminder of his huge talent, which, enhanced by time, has developed into what I consider to be the foremost linocut artist at work today.


Modernism is at the heart of what appeals to Paul and his amazing use of form and colour ensures his preeminent place in a visual world often lacking in raw excitement.


Paul’s work resonates with anyone with a love of architecture, and his own passions translate with a simplicity of form that belies the immense work that each piece requires. In many ways Paul is the master of ‘less is more’. I always wanted him to travel the country to interpret modernist masterpieces for at least my selfish gratification. I know his fans would agree with me. If only Paul had the time.


I was, am and always will be one of Paul’s greatest fans.


Michael Walton 

Poster Art Commissioner

Transport for London