Picasso on Paper | Posters and Prints

Eames Fine Art, 2020

You can view the entire catalogue online here for free by clicking on view sample pages - please note there is no hardcopy available for purchase.


Introductory Essay


There is no doubt Picasso was one of the most prolific and prodigious artists of the 20th century, and among the many art forms Picasso explored, he mastered and pushed the boundaries of printmaking. We are pleased to present a selection of offset lithographic posters, linocuts and lithographs, dating back to the 1950s when Picasso started to take ownership over making lithographic posters for exhibitions of his own work, and learning the art of the linocut.


Although he designed many linocut posters, the majority of Picasso’s posters are lithographs. Picasso’s designs were of course unconventional, in handling of both image and text, making them today desirable collectors’ items. We have one original lithograph poster for sale here, along with offset lithographic posters from different eras, featuring stunning reproductions of Picasso works from galleries, museum collections and the famed lithographic print workshop in Paris, l’Atelier Mourlot. Lithography was undertaking a resurgence as a medium for artists in post war France and England, and Picasso was a key artist experimenting with this avenue of expression, along with artists such as Chagall, Miro, Léger and Braque at the Atelier Mourlot in Paris.


The series of 45 linocuts (or linogravures) we have available, showcases the breadth of the artist’s inventiveness with the medium, from line drawing to complex multicolour prints to textural marks never seen before in lino printing. Picasso helped to elevate the humble status of the linocut as an art form. These blocks were re-carved at 42% of Picasso’s larger works, overseen by Picasso, in collaboration with the Galerie Louise Leiris, Paris, in 1962. The series was published by Editions Cercle d’Art in Paris and Harry Abrams in New York.


The lithographic War and Peace prints are from a rare first edition of the publication ‘La Guerre et la Paix’ published by Editions Cercle d’Art, Paris in 1954. With text in French by Claude Roy, the book includes over 270 high quality photolithographic reproductions after paintings and drawings by Picasso, in the period building up to his monumental diptych mural ‘War and Peace’ at Vallauris, his largest political works since WWII. Six original lithographs were inserted, printed by Mourlot, Paris, under the direction of Picasso.


Finally, we’re also delighted to have a selection of lithographs from Picasso’s limited edition Comedie Humaine series, from the ‘Revue Verve No. 29-30’ volume. Picasso authorised and commissioned these lithographs to be made by Mourlot from colourful line drawings he made, inspired by the works of 19th century author, Honoré de Balzac.