Gail Brodholt | The Art of Travel

Eames Fine Art, 2017
Soft cover exhibition catalogue
Gail Brodholt | The Art of Travel
Publisher: Eames Fine Art
Dimensions: 210 x 210 mm
Pages: 32
£ 10.00

You can view the entire catalogue online here for free by clicking on view sample pages, but we would be delighted if you would like to purchase a hardcopy.


Introductory Essay


This is the first time that Gail has had a solo show with Eames Fine Art and we’re really looking forward to seeing the gallery filled with her vibrant linocuts. Whether she is depicting a railway concourse, a motorway, a tube platform or a back street in Soho, each of Gail’s works looks like an opening chapter or the beguiling conclusion to a good story.  


Her works are largely about how we travel, but they are so much more than this: from life’s great journeys, to everyday, monotonous commutes and chance encounters along the way, they find the beauty in our modern lives and embrace our everyday landscapes.


The skill of Gail’s intricate lino-cutting and her evocative colour palette make her work instantly recognisable. She is widely collected and many of her editions are sold out and highly sought after.


This exhibition allows us to view a wide collection of Gail’s works from the last 15 years, and includes her latest works which haven’t been exhibited before along with rare proofs from popular early works. It is our huge pleasure to host these beautiful works in the gallery for the next month.


Rebecca Eames, May 2017