Anita Klein | These Fleeting Days

Eames Fine Art, 2018
Soft cover exhibition catalogue
Anita Klein | These Fleeting Days
Publisher: Eames Fine Art
Dimensions: 210 x 210
Pages: 52
£ 10.00

You can view the entire catalogue online here for free by clicking on view sample pages, but we would be delighted if you would like to purchase a hardcopy.


Introductory Essay


This is Anita’s first exhibition of new paintings for two years.  We are fortunate to have had access to Anita’s complete body of work from the past 24 months to curate this beautiful and important exhibition in the gallery this Spring.  


As usual, Anita’s subjects are inspired from her own life, family and loved ones.  Her works capture the small, precious moments that come and go far too quickly and sometimes pass unnoticed. From a grandchild throwing their arms around your neck in delight to savouring a quiet moment and a cold glass of wine on a hot Summer evening. The moments Anita captures from her own life resonate with all of us and serve to remind us to enjoy these precious, fleeting days.


- Rebecca Eames, April 2018