Ardyn Halter | Paintings and Screenprints

Eames Fine Art
Soft cover exhibition catalogue
Ardyn Halter | Paintings and Screenprints
Publisher: Eames Fine Art
Dimensions: 210 x 210 mm
Pages: 32
£ 10.00


Introductory Essay


This Spring, Eames Fine Art is delighted to showcase the work of Ardyn Halter for the first time in our gallery. The opportunity for a retrospective of Ardyn’s work as a printmaker is grasped with relish and we focus on his large-scale prints that will be already be familiar to followers of Ardyn’s work in silkscreen and wood-block. Simultaneously, new directions are suggested by recent oils on canvas including a beautiful series of oak trees that bring a lush echo of Ardyn’s Mediterranean home to Bermondsey Street.


The dialogue between these two mediums is characterised by supple forms, sumptuous colour, abstraction of shape and a sea of rich tonality. His colours are bold, yet his work beguiles the viewer with it’s quiet serenity and sharp observations. In so doingArdyn’s workscapture and then distil the essence of his travels through Morocco, Afghanistan and Israel. They find a welcome home with us in the gallery this month.


Vincent Eames, May 2018