Hamish Macaulay | New Monotypes: Studio Promotion

5 - 15 May 2022

Eames Fine Art are delighted to present a new body of work by New Zealand-based artist Hamish Macaulay.


This Studio showcase features Hamish's monotypes of abstracted landscapes and seascapes from his new 'Light' series. Each work is built up slowly with layer upon layer of colour to subtly build up depth - some with as many as 30 different layers of colour.


These landscapes are reflective of Hamish's move back to New Zealand as he re-adapts to the environment and returning to his family and the country he grew up in. He lives in Waikanae, a suburb on the Kapiti Coast, and he talks about his delight with how the conditions of light and atmosphere there change so rapidly with the weather, so that this beautiful landscape provides him with an ever changing, beguiling muse.


These works are available now from Eames Fine Art either framed or unframed. They are all one-off works and prices start at just £290. You can see them at the studio this weekend where they will be showcased with more of Hamish's work.