John Crossley | Wish You Were Here 2020

4 - 23 August 2020

The ‘Wish You Were Here’ series came from a desire to create a means of artistic production that could mark journeys, exploration, and distance while also serving as a form of visual communication. These works convey both interior and exterior space, as if looking through a window into the landscape outside, which opens up the possibility of the viewer drifting into a different world, or a different thought space, entirely.


These pieces are postcard-sized. The idea of a postcard piece of art - one that someone could slip into their pocket as a memento or send along to a friend or family member that they miss - appealed to John. He started thinking about this concept whilst semi-isolated on the island of Elba during an artist's residency in 2017. This year he decided to revisit the 'postcard' idea and has called these latest works the 'Wish You Were Here' series. Of course, this work took on a particularly poignant meaning with the onslaught of the coronavirus and the new enforced isolation that we are experiencing. His hope is that these postcard-sized works will help art lovers to feel less isolated and connected in more traditional ways to our loved ones. We thought having a new work from this uplifting series would be just what we needed at home now, to remind us of the places we long to visit again and the people we are all connected to.


John explains a bit more about the series, in a short film which he made during lock-down, in a link is below.


The works are all one-off acrylic paintings and each one measures 190 x 140 mm. They are for sale, unframed, from this page but if you would like to discuss framing before purchasing please call us on 0207 407 6561.


We can also arrange to send these works on your behalf to friends and family - or provide you with the packing materials to do that yourself with a message. 


To view and download the catalogue for this show please click HERE