Hockney's Alphabet

11 - 14 August 2022
Works available to view at Eames Fine Art Studio on 13th and 14th August

Published in 1991 to raise money for the Aids Crisis Trust, Hockney's Alphabet pairs 26 alphabetical illustrations by David Hockney with written contributions from some of the most distinguished writers of the late twentieth century. Edited by Stephen Spender, all the contributors agreed to write something, with the exception of Norman Mailer ('F'), whose letter of refusal was included anyway as 'a good model of Polite Rejection'. The letter written by T.S. Eliot (one of two for 'Q') was donated by Valerie Eliot.

We have one copy of each lithograph available, each accompanied by its corresponding piece of writing. These lithographs are taken from the special edition of Hockney's Alphabet, which is signed on the justification page by David Hockney and Stephen Spender (there is in addition a deluxe edition of 250 numbered copies each signed by the contributors). A copy of this justification page will accompany each purchase. 

In acknowledgement of the original purpose of Hockney's Alphabet, Eames Fine Art will be making a donation from each sale to the Terrence Higgins Trust.