Norman Ackroyd | The People Before

8 September - 9 October 2022
Please call us on 0207 407 6561 to view or purchase works from the exhibition.


People themselves rarely feature in Ackroyd’s images but for his latest exhibition at the gallery we are delighted to present a collection of works from the last four decades that show the evidence of mankind’s existence within landscape. From ancient defence structures and long since ruined castles to the hunting grounds of palatial homes, these works invite us to meditate on what remains of our ancestor’s interventions into the landscape.


Of these works, perhaps the most unusual within Ackroyd’s oeuvre are the interior scenes of Oranmore Castle that depict a room which has served as lodging and studio for Norman. These are contemplative impressions of a space at once perfectly still but that transforms dramatically throughout the day. The surprising domesticity of these images no longer sits at odds with Ackroyd’s landscapes if we consider the material he deploys more than any other - light. Whether rendered diffuse through mist, breaking through storm clouds, or as Caravaggesque chiaroscuro- Norman Ackroyd sheds light on his subjects - literally and proverbially.


The People Before brings together three strands of Norman Ackroyd’s work: His most recent works, debuted this summer at the Royal Academy; a brand new boxed set of 10 etchings titled ‘Littoral'; and a survey of etchings and watercolours exploring manmade structures within the landscape, curated from a 40 year archive of the artist’s work.