Mychael Barratt | Cats and Dogs

30 May - 30 June 2020

Eames Fine Art is delighted to introduce a series of new works by Mychael Barratt from his 'Artists' Cats and Dogs' series, bursting with intelligence, colour and quirky humour.


Mychael first embarked on this series of 'Artists' Cats and Dogs' after imagining what Chagall's cat might have looked like if he'd painted it into one of his famous paintings.  Before long, Mychael was considering the same question for all of his favourite artists. What started as an amusing speculation became an ongoing project which, so far, has spanned nearly ten years. Each new painting or original print is executed in the style of the animal's 'owner' and the cat or dog is placed within either one of their iconic images or in a relevant but imagined scene.


This has been a particularly enjoyable pursuit for Mychael during the current lockdown since he's had the time to spend revisiting his own art library, rediscovering some of his favrouite artists;

"Lockdown has certainly had its challenges but writing my daily posts for my Lockdown Library on Instagram has definitely been a highlight. Just to be given the excuse to trawl through books on some artists I adore and others where I needed a nudge to remind me of their existence, has been a gift. Unsurprisingly, some of these artists have inspired me hugely and Aubrey Beardsley's dog and Sybil Andrews' dog are both the result of this project. This necessitated tricky and creative proofing sessions with my printer, but we totally observed the spirit of the safe distance guidlines (I was in London and she was in Whitstable!)."


We have a large selection of these works at Eames Fine Art available to purchase including Mychael's latest works completed just this week. You can see all of these below. 


The prices are all for the works unframed, which we can send out to you very quickly, if you would like information and prices for framing the works please contact the studio on 0207 407 6561 or send us an enqiry online. 


Of course other works, apart from this series are also available by Mychael Barratt, you can see a full list of available works HERE.