Henri Matisse | Line and Colour

11 January - 19 February 2023

Matisse didn't just draw images of people; he captured entire personalities and whole worlds with unimaginably few lines and deceptively simple shapes.


With the works offered in this exhibition, Matisse uses none of the usual methods employed by artists to make a work of art come to life: there is no shading; no shadows placing the figures in a three-dimensional space; no gratuitous details in the images and portraits even.  But simple lines cut into paper and replicated in colour lithographs, or the waxy line of the lithographic crayon drawn directly onto stone, portray entire characters and stories with a few expert strokes making these beautiful prints by Matisse some of the most elegant and impressive ever to be made.


Visit the Eames Fine Art Gallery from 12th January to view the series of lithographs after the cut-outs, published in Verve in 1958, alongside highlights from 'Florilege des Amours de Ronsard', Matisse's epic illustrations to Pierre de Ronsard's poetry.


Artworks can be purchased in the gallery or directly from the website. 

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