Susie Stone | Style in Colour

4 - 23 August 2020

Susie Stone is an award-winning designer, couturier, and artist. As a designer, she was committed to creating bespoke fashions for women as individual and unique as they are. After seven years of making one-off luxury garments for her clients, she has returned to her roots as a fine artist and moved into fashion illustration.


In these works you can certainly see Susie’s designer’s eye. Hers is an art that is rooted in a sense of personal style, and each one of the women that Susie depicts has her own personality, conveyed via posture, clothing, and accessories. As was her goal with the clothing she made, Susie wants these artworks to remind women of how unique they are, through paintings and silkscreens that ooze confidence and attitude.


To view the catalogue for this show please click HERE