Roantree x Kummattummal: The Brink and the Fold

Eames Fine Art Print Room

159 Bermondsey Street

London SE1 3UW


We are delighted to be welcoming Chris Roantree and Akarsh Kummattummal to the Print Room for their first exhibition with Eames Fine Art.


Chris Roantree and Akarsh Kummattummal are two artists from very different artistic backgrounds who collaborate on etchings. Their collaboration is based on a mutual love of drawing, classical art forms, cinema and the endless creative opportunities inspired by digital media. Their work fuses traditional etching methods combined with monotypes and manipulations of drawings. But finally, all their artworks are printed in the intaglio tradition from an etching plate. 


The subject of their work focuses on a world in flux: the changes in our environment and the extinction of animals are at the centre of each work. These ethereal landscapes and semi broken-down relics that populate them form a narrative in respect to rewilding a world both from an environmental perspective and also a human, psychological, inner space: one seen through a cinematic or digital lense. The works evoke a sense of beauty but a beauty that comes with a warning.