Andrew Marr | Illuminations

16 May - 2 June 2024
Eames Fine Art is delighted to welcome Andrew Marr back to the gallery for his fourth solo exhibition with us this spring. Drawing is the bedrock of Marr's artistic practice. He makes a point of drawing every day, producing at least one finely finished piece before he contemplates anything else in his schedule. This exhibition features over 100 new colour pencil and ink drawings, employing experimental mark making techniques as well as large paintings on canvas. 


'I am about to be 65 which, in ancient days, was the year of retirement. I do not know what is ahead for me. Work, writing, family, politics, health - all is obscure. There will be light, there will be dark.


But about one thing I am sure, and I am clear: there will be drawing. (I include in that painting, because painting is only bigger and wetter drawing.) Drawing has been beside me, a place of self-explication and emotional refuge, this big, red-faced, stumbling friend, since before I learned to read or catch a ball. It has never left me, a necessary, ceaselessly rattling-on companion.'

- Andrew Marr, May 2024


View and purchase the exhibition catalogue here