Paul Hogg | Prints, Drawings & Paintings

19 May - 20 June 2021


This is Paul Hogg's first exhibition with Eames Fine Art and we're delighted to be hanging his works at the Print Room on Bermondsey Street this month as well as here online. 


Finding the perfect compositional balance in an artwork can be a challenge, but it is one that Paul Hogg relishes. The beautiful colours, shapes, patterns and textures in his works piece together to build a visual power that does not lessen over time, because with his work Paul creates something which feels important; something lasting.  His artworks are inherently pleasing on a subliminal level as well as an aesthetic one. 


Although all of Paul's works are ultimately representational, he tells us that the subjects in his work are less important to him than the formal considerations of the pictures. He delights in the creation of the image: from the colour combinations (often experimenting with different colour variations with the same plate); negative spaces; the two-dimensional surface design; and creating effects of movement such as with strong diagonal lines in his compositions and the emotional impact these have on the viewer. 


This wonderful selection of linocuts, screen prints, drawings and paintings beautifully demonstrate Paul's skill at working within all of these mediums.  This inaugural exhibition of work is a delight to experience. Paul's artworks are at once sublime whilst also feeling very calming, they have a particularly beguiling beauty which we're delighted to fill our Print Room with this month.