Andrew Marr | Town & Country

8 June - 4 July 2021

In Town and Country, Andrew Marr presents us with a sequence of his recent paintings, arranged into broad categories: nudes, landscapes, conversations and still lifes. This is mostly conducted in a vibrant abstraction however there is representation here too and some of the more interesting ideas in this show can be found in an enthralling meeting of the two. The signal feature of the show is a profound exploration of colour and the possibilities of texture while Andrew’s evident relish for the ‘stuff’ of painting, the raw materials of his craft is another hugely enjoyable aspect. 


Andrew has worked to create a visual platform for engaging with the world. These works result from walks in rural Scotland and his neighbourhood in London, robust conversations in pubs, quiet meditations on physicality. There is argument, laughter, beauty, sex. There is also art, or more accurately other artists. Andrew’s pantheon of influences from Henri Matisse, Gillian Ayres and Antony Gormley to Albert Irvin, David Hockney and Patrick Heron can all be found here and speak of decades of looking and learning. 


The drive, passion and honesty of this show finds a welcome home at Eames Fine Art. These works are an attempt to share ideas, to start a conversation and they are made with wit, generosity, authenticity, and sincerity.


We have also created a beautiful catalogue for the exhibition which can be viewed and purchased HERE