Malcolm Franklin | Vantage Point

For an artist, a vantage point is a stationary spot from which a linear perspective can be plotted; this single point allows the landscape, figures and buildings being rendered to fall into place and to make sense spatially. Malcolm Franklin’s unique vantage points are not these classic perspectival dots - his works are abstract, so significantly, his pieces do not require traditional linear perspective. Instead, Malcolm’s artistic vantage points appear in the form of diverse media, connecting themes and inspirational locations.

Perhaps the initial impact of this exhibition can be felt in the wide range of media. Geometric sculptures rise from their plinths in shining marble and granite; textured prints take the form of deceptively simple woodcuts or of complex carborundum and linocut reliefs with ironstone dust; Malcolm’s drawings carry the same depth and texture as his sculptures and prints but with the lightness of two-dimensional works on paper.

The sculptures are all tied to interrelated strands that influence Malcolm’s artistic production, but we can see parallels in his drawings and prints as well. These visual tropes or strands are boats, bridges, buildings and agricultural tools – all structures that abound in the beautiful towns, coasts and fields of Italy. This is key because while he was born and raised in England, Malcolm dramatically changed his geographical and national vantage point by moving to Italy in 2018.