Amanda Danicic | Chasing Yellow

28 July - 29 August 2021

Enter the world of yellow. This exhibition submerges us in this colour and its attendant emotions while also exploring a more monochrome reality in prints that serve as counterpoints to the sunshine-doused ‘world of yellow’. The painter and printmaker Amanda Danicic wants the viewer to ‘feel the colour first’ before they become aware of shapes or any references to places or people. To Amanda, colour is a language in itself – something that can communicate ideas, moods and stories. She uses yellow in this newest series of paintings to speak to her audience in a novel, emotive way: ‘I made these paintings to make me happy – the yellow shines out from the walls and makes me smile. It is so uplifting, like a magical colour. It glows and emits good energy’.


This exhibition features Amanda's latest paintings, etchings and linocuts, as well as some of her key screenprints and etchings from her larger body of work. Read the full essay at the bottom of this page.


We have also created a beautiful catalogue for the exhibition which can be viewed and purchased HERE