Susie Stone | Ensemble

17 March - 17 April 2022

Susie Stone has been busy. It is less than two years since we hosted her first showcase of works in the Print Room in the summer of 2020, during that brief interlude between the lockdowns that marked an extraordinary year. Style in Colour announced an exciting new talent to Eames Fine Art and was a bold statement of intent. Susie demanded our attention with a small but exquisite collection of paintings and silkscreens that asked us to reflect on the potential of fashion to empower a sense of identity and to shape the visual version we build of ourselves. It was a moment that eloquently explained the difference between surface and artifice and immediately struck a chord with a willing audience of collectors. Susie has quickly attracted a wide and eager following and so the next step presents an exciting challenge.


The follow up to a successful debut can ask a daunting question of an artist. With Ensemble, her first solo show at Eames Fine Art Gallery, Susie has provided an emphatic answer. Despite a near-disastrous flood in her studio earlier this year that would have derailed a less determined artist, Susie has produced over 30 new paintings and silkscreens that unerringly deliver on her early promise. Of course, we are all making our way through challenging times but the distance that Susie has come in such a short time and the vigour with which she has overcome her setbacks along the way, demands respect.