Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca graduated from Loughborough University of Art and Design, where she studied Fine Art, in 2011. Since then, her practice has focused on drawing and printmaking. She is a member of East London Printmakers and recently exhibited at The London Original Print Fair, The Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, and Eames Fine Art.


Though rendered with precision, the landscapes Rebecca depicts are a composite of figurative elements, discrete natural phenomena, recorded with pencil and photography, cut up, distorted and combined to create an unnatural location, one which speaks as directly to the emotions as it does to the senses.


‘I am far more interested in how a place makes me feel, what response I have to it, rather than how it “really” looks. I always try to go beyond appearance, to reach around and through it, to strive for something more essential. And it is often in the printing itself, a process never entirely predictable, always open to chance, that I discover what this essence actually is.’