Emily studied Painting and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art. Since then her original prints and drawings have been exhibited across the UK, including in the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art.


In 2018, Emily was invited to be Artist in Residence at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. Emily has recently moved her studio to the Highlands, and spends chunks of her time in the wilder landscapes of Scotland, exploring the hills on foot and returning with a loaded sketchbook of drawings. 


In early 2019, Emily received funding from Arts Council England to set up her own etching studio. Her passion for printmaking lies with its developmental nature. Often working in a series, Emily allows the work to evolve organically, observing the subtle changes with each print taken. This happens over many dedicated hours, experimenting with technique and exploring the natural characteristics of the medium. Her graphic work celebrates the materials and the many satisfactions of the printmaking process.