Fiona Fouhy’s practice covers broad themes of place, geology and history, celebrating the resilience of nature over millennia.


Fouhy predominantly uses monotype techniques in her work using etching inks, extender, rags and large rollers to create fast, expressive images; processes, materials and chance inform and evolve her practice. She has developed a technique of layering ink, pushing the early ‘ghost’ layers into the background, creating a strong depth of field.


Using monoprinting, Fouhy explores how to work by intuition and emotional reaction to the forest environment. For her, the forest experience symbolises states of lostness, bewilderment and fragility in the face of the unknown. Simultaneously the forest is a place of healing both for the individual and for the planet; a fertile place for the imagination and there is benefit in encountering its uncertainty and surrendering to its dark strangeness.


She is a keyholder, tutor and director at East London Printmakers studio. Her work is held in private and public collections throughout the UK. Fouhy studied at Central Saint Martins, London.