Lucy Bainbridge

Lucy Bainbridge was born in Warwickshire in 1975. After graduating in Art and Visual Culture in Bristol she went on to complete a postgraduate degree in printmaking at Camberwell College of Art in 2003. 


Lucy's cityscapes attempt to soften a city constantly undergoing change and renovation, bringing it briefly to a pause.  Using the limited light and relative calm of the capital shortly before dawn or at dusk, she invites the viewers to reflect upon their individual interaction with the city and its architecture. 


Lucy was recently awarded an artist's residency at Eton College where she worked on a beautiful series of prints based on the architecture and life of the college.

Her works are quiet reflections on the brief and changing images that we pass by everyday. By bringing these momentary glimpses into focus, there is a feeling that one is pausing the instantaneity of life.


Her works combine photography, multi-layered screen-print, graphite dust and drawing and are regularly exhibited throughout the UK including at the Royal Academy of Arts at the Summer Exhibition and the London Original Print Fair.