Chloé Bocquet : Showcase and 'Meet the Artist'

We have represented Chloé's work at the Eames Fine Art Studio for almost two years now and she is quickly attracting a wide group of collectors.  Her beautiful geometric, designs and quirky compositions appeal to a very style conscious crowd. 

Chloé has been busy the past three months working on a new series of etchings.  She has enjoyed the effect of a new printmaking technique on her work: 

"I am always attracted by how the function of colour can evolve through my printmaking practice, and drypoint was a new challenge for me which redefined my approach to the image and its composition as well as to my use of colour. The drypoint technique is closer to drawing than painting and with it I had to adapt my thinking from flat surfaces to line; from bold eye-catching colours to more subtle monochromatic images."


We think you'll really enjoy her new works, we hope you'll join us in the studio on Saturday 19th October to meet with Chloé, see her new works and to discuss the work with her.