Patience: A Collaboration between Lucy Bainbridge (artist) and Samuel Moseley Webb (writer).

"In early summer 2020, during the most severe period of lockdown, I received an invitation from Eames Fine Art to take part in a project.  During our first group Zoom, the gallery picked names out of a hat, pairing artists and writers to respond to the project's title 'A Common Place'.  I was paired with the talented poet Samuel Moseley Webb. 


having not met beofe, the novelty of collaborating with a complete stranger in the midst of a pandemic made it surprisingly easy to find common ground. 


The project concluded in winter 2020, with a lockdown exhibition in the windows of Eames Fine Art Print Room showing each pairing's work. 


Samuel and I had built up a friendship, and with the success of our first collaboration behind us, we embarked on extending the project further. 


We continued to meet up at various parks and landmark trees across London. 

We walked and talked about how the pandemic was impacting our routines and how it felt as though time was passing more quietly now, marked only by the light and shadows around us changing as the seasons continued to roll by. 


Patience is a reflection of these conversations, in these places, as we watched each other's journeys throughout this unique period of time."


Lucy Bainbridge, Summer 2022


The full portfolio of images along with Samuel's poem will be exhibited at the Eames Fine Art Print Room in December 2022, but we will be talking with Lucy and Samuel about the project and previewing the works with collectors in July. 


Lucy will be joining us at the Studio on Saturday 9 July between 2pm and 4pm to meet clients and answer your questions on the works. You are very welcome to pop into the Open Studio to meet Lucy and preview this work with us. 


If you would like to know more about the project and to be alerted when we have full details about the works for sale, please email us at: [email protected] or call the studio on 0207 407 6561.