Anita Klein | Finding Joy

6 - 30 June 2024

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'It’s hard to escape upsetting news in these days of 24 hour news and pervasive social media. Now more than ever we are all painfully aware of how our everyday worries and concerns can feel dwarfed by the awful trauma that people around the world are living through. And we feel powerless in the face of so much horror. One thing, maybe the only thing we can do is to appreciate how lucky we are to be living safe ordinary lives with family and friends and food on our plates. 

I have always been painfully aware of the fragility of all I enjoy. My father and grandparents were refugees and had to rebuild their lives from nothing, and thanks to their survival I am lucky to live in a peaceful part of the world and to watch my children and grandchildren growing up without fear. 

So I often feel, in the middle of an ordinary day, overwhelmingly thankful for  tiny moments. These are the moments I try to hold onto by painting. Even our incredibly privileged lives are short and can change in an instant. Everything beautiful can be lost. Which is why I feel compelled to celebrate the mundane days, to find and document joy- because I know these are the good times.'


- Anita Klein, 2024