Ross Loveday: One Thing Leads to Another

13 November - 1 December 2019

We think that this exhibition will come as quite a surprise to many of Ross Loveday's fans and collectors, and a very welcome surprise at that. Ross has always flirted with the cross-over between figuration and abstraction, and these new works make a bold leap into pure form.  This new exhibition sees Ross playfully pushing his ideas further and experimenting with techniques so that the mark-making which has always been so integral to his art now becomes the very essence and focus of his work.


The landscape is clearly still a very important part of who Ross is as a person and an artist, and his new works are never far away from references to nature; after all he has been painting and printing landscapes for over 35 years now. However, when discussing more recent work, made over the past 18 months, Ross revealed that one of his main goals was 'to break the horizon line', and he admitted that he had recently been feeling trapped by this line which anchored of his work so firmly within the confines of traditional landscape.


Ross has clearly been liberated with a new freedom in his work. He takes great pleasure in delighting us with something new in his art each time we meet. This exciting innovation in his work is sustained by Ross's own curiosity, which according to him 'is one of the most important tools. It provides the constant ability to change.'