Mychael Barratt: A contemporary artist's response to the work of William Hogarth

13 - 27 February 2020

Mychael Barratt is a painter, printmaker and cartographer whose detailed work is as narrative as it is visual, his work is inspired by Hogarth's love of working in series and his pioneering of narrative art. Like Hogarth, much of his art is firmly placed in London, with the scenes and landmarks of the city as much a subject as the figures within it. He is also closely tied with London theatre, and was the commissioned artist for the Globe Theatre throughout Mark Rylance's post as Artistic Director. Also, like Hogarth's, Mychael's work is quirky, humorous, playful and thought provoking. This is why we thought he'd be the perfect person to display alongside Hogarth's engravings.