Karen Keogh | A Mediterranean Journey

8 July - 2 August 2020

This new exhibition of Karen Keogh’s vibrant etchings is a breath of fresh holiday air for all of us who have been unable to go on vacation this summer. For those who have been stuck in London, Karen’s affordable colour etchings offer a way to travel to the Mediterranean without leaving the city. The etchings and watercolours on display in this exhibition are of Tuscany and the south of France.
Her newest series of prints explores the effect of light, at different times of day and evening, on landscapes and cityscapes. Artists who have inspired Karen’s practice (such as Monet and CeĢzanne) have done similar aesthetic exercises.
Karen’s prints are made with three plates, each one etched separately with a different primary colour. Karen then has to, very carefully, print these three layers onto the sheet of paper so that they line up perfectly and reveal the full chromatic range for which she is so beloved. If you would like to view the exhibition online, please visit our dedicated Viewing Room by clicking HERE