Veta Gorner | Moving Parts

4 November - 24 December 2020

Human lives are like clocks. Our individual experiences, desires, shortcomings, and personalities act as the cogs and gears - the moving parts - that work together to make our time on this earth pass. Through the artworks in this exhibition, Veta Gorner strives to encapsulate in print the abstract feelings and happenings that occur throughout the course of our short human existences. The main series in this exhibition - titled ‘Time on My Hands’, ‘Fireworks’, ‘Push Pull Twist Turn’, and ‘Hypnopaedies’ - as well as additional individual works on display, all cohere to form a visual portrayal of the intangible elements of our lived experience. 


This wonderful show will be on at Eames Fine Art Gallery from 3rd November

until the 23rd December. 


The online exhibition can be viewed HERE