Edward Twohig | Kaleidoscope

3 - 21 August 2022
View the works in exhibition viewing room HERE
After the enormous success of the Super Moon suite of 2020, Eames Fine Art welcomes back Edward Twohig RE to the Print Room for a new exhibition of vibrant, multi-coloured landscapes. We are of course very familiar at Eames Fine Art with Twohig’s atmospheric monochrome drypoints inspired by the Super Moon, steeped in mystery with their dense black tones and fine lines reminiscent of a Rembrandt. But, in his latest exhibition, Twohig  forges a new direction for himself with the medium. This new body of work made over the last sixteen months has thrust him into an exciting realm of colour printing, or, in his words, ‘the galaxy of colour’.

In this viewing room we have a selection of prints from each series included in the exhibition. Alongside the images, Edward Twohig talks us through his working methods and the influences behind the work.