Edward Twohig | Super Moon

23 January - 28 February 2021

Edward Twohig has a long-standing connection with Eames Fine Art and has been a firm friend and generous collaborator as we have evolved from private dealers in a small flat in Brighton into a London Gallery, Print Room and Collectors' Studio. Throughout, we have admired his energy, passion, commitment and love of all things print and we like to think that Eames Fine Art is the perfect home for an artist that relishes, as we do, the dialogue that contemporary printmaking conducts with the tradition it comes from. There are few artists I can think of that can articulate this dialogue as eloquently as Edward. He has synthesised an astonishing knowledge and love of predecessors from Rembrandt to Whistler, Samuel Palmer to Seymour Hayden and Frank Short to John Ruskin with a deeply felt emotional connection to landscape and the pastoral tradition. This is no slavish adherence to artistic heritage however: Edward's art is alive with the excitement of experimentation and new possibilities. He is steeped in the long story of print but has the ambition, skill and courage to add his own chapter. His Super Moon 2020 suite is just the latest expression of this. It is a wonderful achievement and we are proud to be sharing it with you here.  


We have created a beautiful catalogue for the exhibition which can be viewed and purchased HERE.    

You can read more about Edward and view more of his work on his artist's page HERE.