Karen Keogh | Drawn to Water

14 June - 2 July 2023

View the full exhibtion online here


This exhibition includes a series of beautiful new works as well as Karen's own selection of etchings from her archive featuring water. It is a stunning exhibition with works that will look amazing on your walls and will no doubt invite you, on an introspective level, to delve into your own personal connection with water. 


'This exhibition explores the profound bond between humanity and the ever-captivating element of water. Inspired by my explorations along the English coast, I have created a series of etchings depicting the allure of water, from serene lakes to the vastness of the sea.


With this exhibition, my intention is to engage viewers on a subtle, introspective level, inviting them to delve into their personal connection to this extraordinary element.'

- Karen Keogh, 2023