ANITA KLEIN | Conversations

3 April - 5 May 2019

A new exhibition focusing on the working relationships between paintings, prints & drawings

Different mediums can be thought of as tools in an artist's creative toolbox.
These tools (like printmaking, drawing, and painting) allow the artist to explore a composition's tonal and emotional diversity. Looking at a similar subject in multiple mediums illuminates the full story of a scene and gives insight to the inner workings of the artist's mind. This Anita Klein show is an exciting opportunity to see her process and to see her various artistic styles in conversation with one another. In addition to original prints, monotypes, and paintings, this Eames Fine Art exhibition will have Klein's own sketchbooks as a point of comparison. Therefore, visitors will be able to see the true genesis of Klein's beloved compositions.

From Anita Klein: 'Painting, drawing, and printmaking are equally important to me and are integral parts of my working process. Each medium has its own challenges and brings its own particular qualities to an image, and these experiments are rarely seen together.'