Michael Ibbison | The Ascent of Man 


Eames Fine Art is delighted to present ‘The Ascent of Man', a collection of new works by Michael Ibbison, which explore the beauty and importance

of the circle.

Michael describes the circle as the most significant shape in human history without which, he says, we could never have become the modern primate we are today.

These conceptual works draw on a long history of artists’ fascination with form and colour. The geometric, engineered compositions make reference to humankind’s earliest explorations of mathematical patterns and reveal the rhythm and movement of the natural and mechanised world. From astronomical observations through to the grand domes of the renaissance and of course, the wheel, which led to  globalised transportation and inevitably the industrial revolution.

Paying homage to twentieth century Modernism, these works make stylistic reference to the great op-artists of the 1960s such as Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely, whose illusional compositions pre-empted the twenty-first century's adoption of computer technology in visual communications.