Patrick Caulfield | Some Poems of Jules Laforgue

Eames Fine Art Gallery

58 Bermondsey Street

London SE1 3UD


Eames Fine Art is delighted to announce an exhibition of original screenprints by British Pop artist Patrick Caulfield (1936 - 2005).


The exhibition features the complete set of 1973 screenprints that Caulfield created to illustrate the poetry of Jules Laforgue. When invited to make a limited edition book by Petersburg Press, Patrick Caulfield chose the poetry of the Franco-Uruguayan poet Jules Laforgue (1860 - 1887), whose work he had first encountered as a student at the Royal College of Art. Caulfield produced a series of 22 screenprints, observing that they were ‘complementary images, not illustrations... I tried to imagine what Laforgue might have been looking at when he thought of the poems’. These iconic works epitomise the artist’s characteristic use of simplified, flat images, strong black outlines and block colour.


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